Monday, April 4, 2011

7 Essential Tips to Manage Stress

Hello guys, last week I was so busy and really kind of overloaded with all the things I’ve been facing lately with my job and my business. Yes, I’m working part-time on my fortune :)! At this moment of writing this blog, I just came back from a weekend with my wife and daughter, so I’m kind of adjusting as my level of business and activities is stepping up. 

Lately, I’m facilitating my team and new members that have joined in to my primary business. Attending special trainings, events, and even masterminding with my core leaders.  I’m also starting to do some online coaching sessions with my new students who want to learn how to leverage and get on the online cutting edge strategies using social media to build their business.

Anyhow, what I wanted to share on this post is about handling multi-task and schedules and managing stress. Stress affects the way we live, think, and build relationship with people. We get stressed from our work, business, daily acquaintance, difficult situations, so it is something that we’ll end up in our every day chores if we can’t manage to handle it. Too much stress can also weaken our body especially our immune system which can lead to physical and mental illness. 

When I was working as software developer before, getting stressed is normal with the kind of job and task we’re spending like planning, logical analysis, designing and developing systems that will automate and make the transactions of industries more efficient. Unfortunately, I got burned-out and exhausted from my career as a programmer due to tight deadlines and high level of stress plus my super strict boss.

To cut the story short, I was badly affected and I couldn’t handle anymore the kind of profession I have 4 years ago. It was during that time that I realize how important our health is and I really regret for not minding my health and for putting myself too much on work.

So, it’s one reason also why I joined my primary business and got involved in the world of network marketing, because of the wellness product that they promote. It’s a blessing in disguise as it opens, creates, and develops another side of me, from a being a burned-out programmer to a Passionate and Driven ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR, which aims to inspire people,awaken their true potential, live a healthy and wealthy life.

Being in home based business is not as easy as it is. You need to be physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally fit.  And one thing I truly love with network marketing is you’ll be going through personal development along with the like-minded and empowered community, and that training alone benefits me a lot as 4 years ago my self-esteem and level of confidence came to low level. 

So how to prevent, handle or manage stress? Here are 7 essential tips from my personal experience.
  1. First, take good care of your health. Live healthy, eat foods rich in nutrition, take natural supplements, have a regular exercise, and get enough sleep or rest.
  2. Don’t spend too much on your work or your business. Give a time for you to relax and unwind. Maintain a balance lifestyle.
  3. Learn how to respond and listen at your inner soul and body. Remember, we’re humans not robots. Though you’re mentally alert but your body might not be able to attend your minds wanted to get going. 
  4. Get things and schedules, well planned and organized to avoid facing problems and more pressures in your work or business.
  5. When stressed, don’t try to push yourself. Stop at what you’re doing and take some fresh air to breath. Go for a walk or unwind with your family and friends. Like a computer, you need to do some defragment for it to function and operate back well.
  6. Above all, don’t worry much on earthly things in your business, work, and relationships. Offer it to God and have faith in Him. Remember, no matter how big is your problem or difficult situation you’re facing, still you have a BIG God at your side.
  7.  Last thing, enjoy and love life! Live at your fullest potential!
There you go my friends; I hope you’ve learned from my personal experiences. If you wanted to share and add some other tips about stress management, feel free to comment below. I’d be happy also if you share this article to your friends in social media like facebook and twitter, which you think might be of help for them also.

Thanks and Live Healthy! See you in my next post :)

Yours in Health Awareness,