Friday, December 2, 2011

Vision: Your Key to a Purpose Driven Life

Few days ago, I bought 3 new powerful books that is so aligned with my passion and business. These were actually my first investment on books since I've engaged in entrepreneurship. One of the books that I've purchased was titled, "The Principles and Power of Vision" by Dr. Myles Munroe.

I was so attracted the moment I saw the book's cover. One thing that really drives me to pursue my dreams and goals in my life and business is having that BIG Vision of mine. The vision to empower people and unleashed their true potentials and helped them tapped their inner gifts and uncover their true purpose in life through entrepreneurship.

I just started reading the first chapter and it's full of great insights that have really empowered me. Indeed, "Vision is the source and hope of life. The greatest gift ever given to mankind is not the gift of sight, but the gift of vision. Sight is the function of the eyes; vision is a function of the heart." ~ Dr. Myles Munroe

Do you have a vision in life? 

Have you thought of doing significant things that will create a great impact to the lives of people?

I realize that majority of the people don't have idea why they exist and what's their purpose in life. I've seen a lot people who have been struggling in life, not maximizing their potentials to the fullest.

No wonder, only few individuals have created an extra-ordinary accomplishments and a life with direction in this world.

My purpose of writing this post is to share some insights and principles that I've learned through my experience and from this book.

I want to say a big shout-out!, that all of us were created by God to do great things that no one else could do other than yourself.

It is there in your inner self waiting to be awaken and uncovered. You're a gold within you , God has given each of us unique gifts and talents to do the things that God has already planned for us.

Life is so precious and a gift that I believe everyone  should be grateful of. Take a moment to reflect and see that great vision and future that awaits you.

I recommend reading this book as this will help you in moving towards your vision and living a life of purpose.

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time reading this post of mine. I look forward seeing you accomplishing things that will glorify God.

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Yours in Discovery,

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"You were not meant for a mundane or mediocre life. You do not exist just to earn paycheck. The only thing that will satisfy you is what you were born to do. You were meant to accomplish something no one else in the world can do." ~ Dr. Myles Munroe