Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crushing Your Fear

Earlier this morning, I was so fortunate to attend Danny Johnson's Training Call, entitled "Discover Secret Weapon to Crush Any Fear". I first encounter Dani through one of her videos on youtube that really empowers me.Her story was being featured on ABC's Secret Millionaire episode. She's really an amazing person with an inspiring story that captivated thousands of people and small business owners worldwide.

Today, I'm going to share my insights that I've learned from her training call. As a breadwinner in the family and now a family man. I've been through all hardships way back from being a working student at college 'til I got burned-out working in corporate world as a software developer. In everything I do, there's is something that really hinders that made me difficult to work on my goals and taking action. Fear is very common to all of us. I know most of us are having problem with how to manage or overcome fear. Fear is one of the 3 deadliest thing that can paralyze us.

The other 2 are doubt, which causes fear and the latter can turned into anxiety. From what Dani have shared. The main source of the existence of  fear is because of this what so-called "agents of fear". 

This pertains to the external influence or things  that surround us. You can develop fear from the people that surrounds you. If you are always talking or spending time with negative people, it will reflect or influence your thoughts and actions too.

Other source is from the video, movie, or news you're watching or reading. Remember, you're actions follows your thoughts. So be very careful on what you feed into your mind. There's a saying "what the mind can conceived and believed, it will achieve".

 If you try to analyze, it's all just a product of our mind. Quit talking on things that you don't want rather say those things that you want. In that way, you're attracting the things that you wanted to have in your life.

You must take action and have faith for you to overcome fear. If you allow fear to be  the center of your life, you'll never be happy and have a healthy life.

Life is so precious my friend! Make use of the time, energy, and talent that God has unconditionally gave to you. Enjoy and live your life to the fullest for we only live once!

Be passionate with what you do and inspire people to do the same. Always be a blessing to others.
Let God be the center of your life and trust in Him as there is no impossible with God. Have confident on your self and I want you to know you're a Winner by default!

I hope this teachings and principles will help and guide you to live wealthy and lead you to a life of success! I'd be glad to hear your comments or if you want to add something, feel free to write it below. 

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I'll see you in my next post!

Yours in Discovery,

Homer O. Arnado