Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Awakening Experience and Spiritual Journey: Tapping into Inner Gifts and Seed of Greatness

In this post, I'm going to share my spiritual journey, life transformation and manifestations for the past 3 weeks.

As you all know, I'm very passionate about personal growth and development niche and I always feel like it's my call or purpose to inspire and empower people and guide them to self-awareness of their true potential. To be of service in mankind is my core mission.

Lately, I just left my corporate job which I worked for over 4 years. Right now, I'm managing my online business and primary business with my MLM Company.

Being a full-time entrepreneur, comes a great responsibility and of course, great privilege of having the time and freedom to do what you want in life, focus on your passion and spend more time with your family and loved ones.

Some of you might ask me, How I did this? What's my secret?

It's really about YOU...most people are just unaware of their true potential and their capacity to do great things more than what they believed.

One of the factors why you're not living at your full potential is because of your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and the people you surround with.

My objective in this post is to help and create an awareness in yourself that you have a seed of greatness within you. You just have to know your birthright!

I started my awareness when I came across a group of people, lead by Teacher Gilbert Guiroy, called Oneness Society. One of their member introduced me to one of their seminars which titled "Awakening Your Inner Gifts".

The event title caught my attention because I was really looking for seminars or a life coach that could guide and help awaken the POWER within me. In U.S, one of the life coaches that I've been following since I started learning personal development was Tony Robbins. It's just I can't afford for now to attend his live seminars and events.

Anyhow, I was so grateful that I found this society and of course their Master. After I've attended that seminar, my life was totally transformed and there are lots of great manifestations that every time it occurs I'm really surprised. I've learned how to live and enjoy life's journey and being aware that life is really meant to be abundant. One reason why people live in poverty life because no one have guide them tapped into their inner gifts.

One must know the basic law of the universe. The Law of Attraction, everything that is happening in your life is the manifestations of your thoughts and feelings. I suggest you watch the movie, "The Secret", it will give you an idea why some people are living in abundance, having good relationships and healthy life. It's no accident or luck my friend!

I've actually wrote some of my manifestations in a journal and sometimes i failed to do it (lols). Right now, I'm doing daily rituals including breathings, visualization, and meditation exercises to stay aligned and attract abundance in life.

If you're interested to learn the Secret of Life, feel free to contact me and I'd be honored to help you and guide you to a life of abundant!

I hope in this post you have grasp and feel the energy that I'm sharing with. Thanks a lot for spending your time and hope to give you more value in life! Namaste :)

Yours in True Potential,

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