Saturday, January 8, 2011

Join the Traffic Framework Cash Contest

Today, I'm very excited to share this amazing contest hosted by Tim Atkinson, an Industry Leader and Successful Entrepreneur in the field of Home-based Business who inspired thousands of people around the globe with his great leadership and deep passion to help other small business owners and individuals who are tired of living in a rat race.

What's so amazing with this contest is that it is free and open to all. What you just need to do is to share this Traffic Framework Project that his currently working on. Speaking of contest, you'll be amaze with the awesome cash prizes and gadgets!!

Here's some of the highlights:

Here’s What You Win!

1. NEW 32g iPod Touch – Value over $200

2. $100 Cash straight to your paypal

3. $50 Amazon Gift Card

4. $25 Amazon Gift Card

5. $25 Amazon Gift Card

How to qualify for Cash Prizes:

First you sign up for the contest. Next all you have to do is score enough points to be eligible to win any of the prizes noted above. Below I list all the traffic exercises that you need to execute to earn points. The contest will be live as long as the training is live. There will be 4 training videos that will reveal some of the most underground ninja traffic tactics. So by following the training and implementing what I teach you you can win either a new ipod, $100 cash or an Amazon gift card. Let’s talk about the point system and what you can do to earn points.


Traffic Framework Cash Contest Point System

1. 100 POINTS – Join the Traffic Framework Contest
2. 200 POINTS – Leave a comment on Traffic Framework Videos
3. 200 POINTS – Referrals that sign up for contest
4. 50 POINTS – Twitter Tweets on Traffic Framework
5. 200 POINTS – “Like” Traffic Framework site
6. 200 POINTS – Using Facebook App to connect contest
7. 250 POINTS – Facebook Comment on Traffic Framework site
8. 300 POINTS – Facebook Wall Post about Traffic Framework
9. 500 POINTS – Post You Tube Video about Traffic Framework(must contain TF link))
10. 500 POINTS – Post Facebook Video about Traffic Framework(must contain TF link)
11. 1,000 POINTS – 300-500 word blog post(must contain Traffic Framework link)
12. 2500 POINTS – 3000-5000 word ebook (must contain Traffic Framework link)

I know you're pumped over there and wanted to start right away, Click on the button below for the details on how you going to do it. It's so simple!

Feel free to share this article at your facebook and twitter. Enjoy and Have fun!