Saturday, March 12, 2011

Becoming a Magnet Online

Today, I'm going to write an article on how to become a magnet. In a sense that, quality folks will surprisingly come to you and you'll become more attractive for new business partners and leaders like a magic.

It's been said that for you to become successful you need to follow and do what successful people are doing also.

If you surround yourself with like-minded and positive people, tendency is you'll become more align and focus to your goals.

When I started my online journey 6 months ago, what I did was I follow and learn from successful leaders and mentors in home business industry like Katie Freiling and Jonathan Budd.

I've learned from Katie about having a tribe and the concept of getting like-minded followers.  Social Media was my way to connect with people and get more connections. This article is somewhat related to my previous post. I started creating a blog to establish and brand myself online. I followed others content and blog too and interact through comments.

Blogging is really an essential tool to your success in online business. It is your central hub and place where you can write content anything within your niche.  It is your medium to express yourself and what you want to share to others.

Every article you write and once publish in social media and networking sites. It will be syndicated and shared. That means, people from those sites will be able to see your link and eventually read your post.

Readers will be able to learn more from the value you shared to them through your post. It creates a foundation of relationship and rapport.

To get more exposure, you need to know where to syndicate your content. There are two social places online where I shared my contents and develop new connections.

These are Facebook and Twitter. It is also vital to know whom you are connecting and following with. To give you an idea, I start looking up facebook and twitter accounts of leaders and mentors. 

You can find these people thru their Fan pages also. You can start connecting with them in a proper way.

Once you circled yourself with like-minded folks. It is through your content that you can build relationship with them. 

You can get more ideas on how to connect to these people through my previous article about facebook networking strategy.

Once you do this consistently, you'll become a magnet in time. Just stay focus and have the right attitude to listen and learn from people that have already achieve their success!

If you're just starting out, I highly suggest to start having a blog like mine. You can set-up one that is free like or

Also, create a facebook and twitter account, if you don't have yet. There's also a free tribe that I've created on facebook where you can learn the basics and tips shared by the members.

These are the links I suggest you start to create and follow:
So there you go guys, I hope you'll get value from my post today. Feel free to connect with me on facebook. I would appreciate also if you share this article to your social media.

Thanks a lot for your time and Wish you to become a magnet also!

Yours in Attraction,

Founder, SMM Online Entrepreneur