Friday, March 4, 2011

Simple yet Effective Strategies to Build and Attract Network of Leaders on Facebook

Hello Guys, It's been a while since I've written my last article here. I was focusing my attention in mastering one strategy to build and attract network of leaders and like-minded professionals.

Today's trend and the way to connect people has evolved over the last years in the home based business industry. Through existence and innovations of internet and technology, particularly social media, plays a great role and provides great leverage for entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow and expand their business online. 

If only one has acquired the right knowledge and skills on how to effectively use and take advantage of this free social media platforms, then you'll be amaze how powerful it is. Unfortunately, most don't have idea and have implemented or use it in the wrong way, which threatens their business instead.

Today, I'm going to reveal my online-relationship building approach and strategies on how I was able to connect and build a power network of leaders and like-minded professionals in my niche.

To be specific, one platform that I'm going to share is the most traffic and largest social networking site which is FACEBOOK.

Facebook, has now over 500M active users and growing more. It gathers and connects people from all walks of life from the comfort of their home. It allows people to share and communicate with their friends, family, and business partners over the internet.

As we all know, for us to build our network, we need to find a way to build an exposure and more connection to people. Thanks to Internet, it's no longer a problem!

However, one must have learn and implement the right skill in order to effectively use it. I'm going to list down here the key points which I manage to attract quality and like-minded professionals around the world with just a click of a mouse, pretty isn't it?

  • Build and Establish a professional brand or profile. 
  • Creating a group.
  • Having a Fan page.
  • Online Networking skill sets to connect people.

I'm going to narrow down, with a couple of skill set on how to effectively connect with network marketing professionals and quality people within your niche.

  1. Find leaders and coaches aligned at your niche
      • Personality Development
      • Financial Consultants
      • Business Icons
      • Business Authors
      • Home Based Business Leaders, Mentors and Guru's
      • Life Coaches
    1. Join Network Marketing and Related Group at your niche

    You can find these group of people through using the search option of facebook. Once you found a leader or mentors having thousands of followers. You can start connecting with them.However, you need to know the key on how to effectively establish a new connection with them.

    Here's the most exciting part of this article. I'm about to reveal my personal crafts and strategies I've discovered and mastered for over 6 months learning social media strategies.

    To effectively connect and build power network of relationship is being able to know how to initiate a connection approach.

    Here's what I do:

    First, I send them personal note before I add them. This is the most important element in my internet relationship formula(This works like magic!). Note: I found this strategy more effective than by sending them friend request right away with a personal message.

    By writing them a personal note, it creates a strong bond and rapport to the person. You'll be surprise, they will be the one to add you ;)

    It's by far the most responsive approach I've ever discovered! 

    Second, maintain a consistent communication to them.Make sure you'll be able to respond to their message in time, professionally and politely. Read their articles or participate in their group or followers discussion. Share their post to your friends and networks as it creates strong impact on their side and appreciation. By doing this, you'll be rewarded through the benefit of "Law of Reciprocity".

    Third, invite this people to your group. This is the place where you can consistently build and establish a valuable exposure to them. In this way, you are positioning yourself as a leader and exposes your brand to them. This is what I called, "Free Quality Tribe"

    As more quality folks participates in your group, it will attract more people and you'll be more surprised!

    Most importantly, the most important element is to build a strong foundation of relationship. That's the way to become successful in your business. Learn to interact to them in a professional way. Be genuine and human, give all your heart and soul in every contents or message you shared to them. Let them feel your passion and touched them from your heart. Inspire, appreciate, and let them feel that you valued them most!

    There you have it guys, I hope you've learn a lot! Start doing this tactics of mine one at a time in a consistent basis. Remember, having strong focus and consistency is the key to building a profitable network of relationship.

    Feel free to connect and message me anytime if you want to learn more on my free strategies. I'd much appreciate if you share this post of mine to your friends in facebook or twitter and spread the love.

    Thank you so much for dropping by and taking time to read this article of mine :)

    Oh by the way, my mentor Jonathan Budd just release his Facebook Double Lead Training Video, you got to watch this if you want to generate fresh leads and prospects for your primary business.


    May you build a powerful network of relationship in 2011 and beyond! Have a great day and Be Unstoppable and Live life to the fullest!

    Yours in Inspiration,

    Founder, SMM Online Entrepreneurs

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