Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prospecting:: A New Approach

Today, I'm going to share with you how to do prospecting. Perhaps, you might wondering why aren't you getting any sign-ups or your current technique doesn't working-out. As you can notice, our world is evolving from the life-style we have now. People are getting into Internet and Social Media Sites like Facebook or Twitter. You might be using this to do your marketing. However, pitching your business or products to people on social media especially to newly acquainted people you met will see you as a noisance or peddler. You know, people don't like to be sold. I suggest that you first build relationship, it is the key to any business. Apply the 80/20 rule which is you are going to focus on giving more value to a person rather than pitching your business. Build a relationship by sharing about your life, family, recreation or career. You may share your business but only a part of it or later when you get to know his/her needs/wants.

I've been into traditional way of prospecting like building a list of your family, friends and chasing them out to bring them to hotel seminars and business meetings and if you keep on doing this it will just slows down your business, get you burn-out and worst case, you'll lost your friends and family. I won't say this is not effective but with the trend we are having now, it is no longer that effective and I'm talking about efficiency.

I'm going to share with you a new approach which is more on attraction marketing. You'll be the hunted instead of the hunting. To do this, you must brand yourself and promote your YOU rather than your business or products you have. Remember, people join people, If they see you as a leader or someone who can help and be trusted or lead them to success then eventually they'll come after you.

There are 3 markets that I want you to know on how to be effective in prospecting.

1. Network Marketer
2. Aspirants/Wannabes
3. Business-Minded

These 3 targeted people will surely qualify for your business and contribute a big help in building your organization. It is like in any sports, If you want to create a team for basketball then surely you'll look for people who has skills or interest in that sports. I noticed the old ways of prospecting that you're chasing your friends, family,..etc..but they are not are just wasting your time because they won't. Mind you, Network Marketing or MLM is not for everyone. We have different views in life and you can't just force or let someone join you in your business right away. That's why I emphasized on giving more value and building relationship as the key to success.

So, I hope you learn something for today. Always remember to learn, implement, teach and share.

Have a great day!

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