Sunday, January 24, 2016

Basic motivational tips for your partner in life.

Hey there,

One of my passion in life is uplifting others and 
helping them realize their potential. 

I began coaching other people when 
I started network marketing back in 2010. 
I’ve stopped doing it when I went back to work in 2013. 

Typically, I used social media as means to connect and inspire.
Now, I’m getting back to coaching and 
motivational session through social media after 2 years and 
guess who's my first client? no other than my dear wife, Michelle(Lol).
She's a full-time mom and housewife 
since our first daughter was born, Akeelah Moselle
back in 2008. Trying to boost her self-esteem and 
ignite her inner power to step into action, 
is a bit challenging though especially 
when you’re dealing with your spouse, right? :)

I tried not to argue and put too much pressure on her and
take things step by step. Below are the few things that I 
shared to help her get started,

  • ·         Read inspirational books, blogs, or video(movie)
  • ·         Connect with positive people
  • ·         Follow successful people and their story
  • ·         Spend your time on things that will help you grow and evolve
These are just basic techniques and you can find more of them 
by using the internet. I always encourage others to do things 
that they are passionate about and use it to serve and 
inspire other people as well.

Always remember that you have so much power within you, 
more than you can imagine. Life is so short, live to the fullest!
Go and chase your dreams! 
It’s your time to start creating a legacy, the time is now!

If you’re having hard time on what to do and 
start living the life of your dreams, 
feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to help you!
I hope you’ll find this post helpful and kindly share it to your friends!

Your’s in Potential,

Homer Arnado
Internet Entrepreneur | Success Advocate