Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vehicle Of Change

Hey there,

It's been a while since I've posted content on my blog, probably 2 years ago (Lol).

Anyhow, hope things are doing well with you! :)

Today, I'd like to share something about "Vehicle of Change". Interesting?

Majority of us desire to get a decent job and stable income. Yet, only few made success on their career. 

I can recall 5 years ago when I shifted my career from IT profession to Networking Marketing(MLM). It was a great experience from shifting your mindset about money and success and being able to share the opportunity and uplift someone to believe in their dreams and teach them how to achieve their goals in life!

Not only about MONEY but you get to discover your POTENTIAL and unleash the POWER within YOU.

Let me share with you a woman who made her success in her 20's, inspiring isn't it? I happened to stumble on her blog and I got caught with when she mentioned about "vehicle of change", reminds me of my aspirations and dreams in life! If she can do it, I bet we can do it too!

Kindly check her out on her blog and read her success story, here: Sarah Robbin's Success

At the moment, I work in a BPO Company as Tech Suppport Professional a.k.a "call center agent". It was a tough decision to turn back and work in a corporate world again when you've fully decided to focus on business and kick your BOSS! (Lol).

But I'm glad I have a day job where I can get funds to pursue my business plans and expand my network and market as well :).

The best part about being  a Network Marketer is that you get to leverage your business. While I'm at work, my business and organization works like auto-pilot!

Currently, I'm in the look-out for someone who is looking for a "vehicle of change". Someone who is a dreamer and action-taker! I'd like you to join my team and I would be glad to show you how I transform my life from learning the right mindset and attitude towards success!

Hope my story will inspire you to take action and decide to start living the life of your dreams!

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts! 

To Your Success,

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