Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Ways to Live a Healthy Life

A lot of us tends to forget on taking care of our health and living a healthy lifestyle due to the busy and modern world we have.

We all know, that health is wealth, and we should make it a priority to invest time and money for it. I would like to share this some helpful tips that I just read from Hagit Dayan.I love the way she shared this natural and healthy tips.

  • Food - It is recommended and important to choose to eat healthy nutritious foods filled with vitamins and minerals which build your livelihood and health. And so it is important to eat whole grains, vegetables and legumes, chicken and fish.
  • Drink - It is important to drink water, healthy drinks such as water, natural juices and teas. It is also recommended to give up drinking artificially sweetened drinks such as sweetened sodas or drinks with caffeine.
  • Sports - It is important to do physical activity and it is recommended to find your favorite one that is right for you, you can subscribe to the gym in your area, you can walk the neighborhood, park or beach or you can go to a dance class. It is nice to do physical activity together, find a friend so you can give each other motivation, or do it alone and perhaps you can meet a new friend with him you can enjoy the activity, oh what a good life...

To add, some of us who are really busy and don't have the time to eat those foods required to stay fit, I would suggest to take natural supplements and just make sure they are approved by health authorities.

I hope after reading this, you're going to include this at your daily activities and spend time for it. Life is so precious and our body is such sacred to be given attention. Live a healthy and wealthy life!

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Have a great day!